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Helping Small Business Owners & Executives Achieve More Freedom & Less Stress…

Take full advantage of our streamlined process to gain back time in your daily life while fast tracking you to your end of life goal(s).

Take full advantage of our streamlined process to gain back time in your daily life while fast tracking you to your end of life goal(s).

Mindset + Marketing Digital Course (Coming Soon)

DYI, at your own pace digital course that compacts all of the 1:1 consulting into a easy to understand digital format.

1:1 Consulting

The magic of working 1:1 occurs when collaborating as your partner in the growth of your business without giving up any ownership rights.

Organic Marketing Done For You Package

For the business owner that wants to grow their business to the next level without taking on additional responsibilities, freeing them up to live the life they want to live.

Learn How to Plan Your Business Around Your Life

Learn the fundamentals of breaking down the vision you want for your life and how to shape your business to match that vision. Don’t spend time running in circles, chasing money, without having a map to the destination of your goals.



Important Features

We work with our clients to establish the dream vision of their life, using their business as a vehicle to become the person they were born to be. Once this dream has been established we go back and lay the foundation of the business and implement the necessary tools to get you where you want to go.

Marketing Strategies

Our strategies are multifaceted, that include but are not limited to continually follow-up with past clients and combining the powers of both online along with offline marketing.

Our Structure

Three Different Levels to Choose From

We have different options for various levels in your business journey, from Doing It Yourself, to having a expert consultant Doing It With You, or to having it Done For You!

  • Mindset + Marketing Digital Course (Coming Soon)
  • 1:1 Consulting
  • Organic Marketing Done For You Package

Executive Team

Jamie Hyde

Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Schmidt

Director of Sales

Bryce Hyde

Chief Operating Officer

Madeline Bartorillo

Director of Operations

Organic Marketing

Done For You Package

This is a one stop shop entire package that includes the following plus so much more that has a total of over *20* included services and guarantees!

Listing Services on the top 50 search engine platforms, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing

We really submit your business to 100 search engine platforms, but we live to under promise, and over deliver.

We do this so that you will stand out amongst your competition when your customers are looking for your services.

Custom monthly mailers up to 1,000 via United States Postal Service

Starting with past clients to boost the referral system we will also be mailing targeted neighborhood’s. These

mailers are informational with your contact information, and go out with a real stamp, hand addressed in blue ink to maximize opening.

24/7 Live Chat with Live Agents, on Website & Facebook Business page

This allows the agents to collect leads, book appointments, and give additional support as needed. Again, this is actual LIVE AGENTS vs an A.I. Bot that has limited capabilities.

Reputation and Referral Management

This service establishes your authority in your marketplace by automating your referral, and referral process.

12 weeks of templated email follow-up for potential clients

Not all deals are closed on the first call. Follow-up is critical so your leads don’t fall through the cracks.

Video Shoot, and Production

Our Professional video production team will fly to your location, to shoot, and produce up to 100 mini commercial videos. These will be sprinkled in your social media throughout the year to make your company stand out from the


Ongoing Search Engine Optimization

SEO is crucial because it makes your website more visible, and that means more traffic and more opportunities to convert prospects into customers

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